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The 8 Constellation Realms

We can still hear the cries of crows in the distance breaking the silence of the meadows, villages and forests...

“La Mystique” was undoubtedly a most terrible war... leaving the creatures, mages and humans of our 8 kingdoms before the gates of a dark fate. It would take courage to restore the light...

The months passed, the evil continued its enchantment. Tears and blood flowed minute after minute. Fear had made its cradle in every cottage, every castle, every home. Yet hope quivered in hearts endowed with incredible kindness.

King Gawain of Temeriah and his friend Guillé the Magician then had an idea. A bright idea to fight the shadows of evil. They created, thanks to the most powerful enchantment that had ever existed, the star "Zola" made of mud, magic and tears.

Sappheiros  the kingdom of the oceans, Baldezor land of the dragons, The lands of Blood in the north, the Lunereis and their kingdom Lunerei close to the stars, Témériah the just, Alcarah and its grace,   The Shadows of Grimelf and even the God of the Ages Augustus numbium sang in unison of the coming of the protective star that would guard their darkest nights.

Now, the 8 queens and kings of the kingdoms had created an alliance.

Thus, they united to protect each soul, each life.

And, when calm prevailed again, the enchanted creatures then had the need to share their world of peace... thus the doors of the 8 kingdoms of the Constellation opened.

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