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Are you a recreation center?

Every year, we welcome groups of children and young people to the La Nuit Magique park. For this we now offer two different formulas, one with free visit and an animation. The packages offered are suitable for both children and adults.

To be able to welcome you in the best conditions, we ask that you book in advance.


The Gnome Spell

  • Show: The Forgotten Guardian, the world of Sapheiros or the dragons

  • Access to the maze

  • Access to the treasure hunt / a climbing session / workshop create your costume

  • Fantastic makeup


The school of witchcraft

3 hours of discovery of our school of witchcraft in the company of 4 of our most recognized wizards:  

  • potions lesson

  • spell lessons  

  • Solfé training (the official sport of the 8 kingdoms of the Constellation)


  • The possibility of picnicking in the park

  • The wanderings of our magical creatures

  • Access to the 8 magical universes of our kingdoms

  • Access to performances of our guest shows 

  • Meetings with the key characters of our kingdoms

SINGLE RATE: 14euros per child

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