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In the kingdom of Temeriah, there are several ways to pay for your purchases. Credit card terminals are provided at each tavern and at the reception!

But as you know, our pop-up park is in the middle of the countryside, surrounded by greenery, so the technology may be thwarted by magical powers. Also, if it is possible to provide liquidity, it is the best not to be bothered. We also accept holiday vouchers and ANCV connect holiday vouchers as a means of payment.


Otherwise, in the neighboring town of  Pernes-en-Artois , several ticket machines are available.

You should also know that in the 8 kingdoms of the Constellation the official currency is the frog ticket! 

1 frog ticket = 1 euro 
These are the tickets that you will find in the spells (PASS) that we sell! It will also be possible to exchange your currency or withdraw frog tickets from our park.

But the smartest of our visitors book directly on our shop.

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