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A first aid station will be present on the site.

A direct line with the fire brigade and the gendarmerie is set up during the festival period. In case of problems, the Night-Magicians know exactly the protocol to follow.

Several emergency exits will be marked and indicated on the festival map and double access is possible for emergency services.

We ask you to adopt a respectful behavior towards visitors, our service providers but also towards the Night-Magicians (who are all volunteers).

All weapons whether white, yellow, green, magic or fire are prohibited on the festival (unless authorized by the organizers).

As in all magical lands, there are borders that are forbidden. It is therefore forbidden to go beyond the markings where it is mentioned that the public cannot enter. It is also not recommended to try to tickle our octopuses in the different ponds (we have lost several visitors in this way during the last editions, having only found their shoes).

As you will have understood, children are the responsibility of their parents or accompanying adult, take care of them, especially near water points.

In case of problems, the Night-Magicians know the protocol. Follow him.

The association A Bouts De Films, the town hall of Bailleul-Les-Pernes and the volunteers of La Nuit Magique are not responsible in the event of loss or theft on the festival and its annexes.

On the other hand, the knights of the kingdom of Temeriah do everything in their power to keep evil fantastic creatures (troll, gnome, etc.) away from the kingdom.

For your safety, the 8 kingdoms of the Constellation and the Night-Magicians have implemented various protocols to make your visit with us an enchanting moment.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the various devices that we apply at our festival:

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